Scoring System

IHPL Scoring Overview

Only the the top 16 players of each IHPL nightly session earn points, based on where they finish that night. (See point structure below) 
  1. 2,000 points
  2. 1,500 points
  3. 1,400 points
  4. 1,300 points
  5. 1,200 points
  6. 1,100 points
  7. 1,000 points
  8.    900 points
  9.    800 points
  10.    700 points
  11.    600 points
  12.    500 points
  13.    400 points
  14.    300 points
  15.    200 points
  16.    100 points
Players can also earn an additional 500 points for winning a shootout table.
The shootout table is another way to earn points to get yourself in the TOP 10.  In a nutshell, the shootout table in a side game that is open to the first 8 people eliminated from regular session play.

There are typically 2 IHPL sessions per night at each venue.  Each player will have the opportunity to earn points by participating in either one or both sessions.
The IHPL season is comprised of twelve 1-Month periods.  At the end of every month, the TOP 10 in points from each venue will advance to the Monthly State Qualifier (MSQ) Tournament.

The Final Table (9 players) from each MSQ will advance to the State Championship Tournament held each year in June.  Players may also gain entry to State by winning one our specialty tournaments, such as a Heads Up Tournament or Team Tournament.  We will hold one of these tournaments about once a month.